A school ambitious for the future

The École des Mines de Nantes is a dynamic and ambitious engineering school, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and the Digital sector, which provides a high-quality framework for research and education, and contributes to the development of a sustainable economy within the country.

Generalist, working closely with companies, carrying out cutting edge research, the École des Mines de Nantes operates in two areas of excellence : information systems, production and software; energy, environment and nuclear energy. Its graduates, engineers undergoing initial training or apprenticeships, masters and doctorate students, appeal to recruiters and can access a whole range of exciting careers, at the heart of today's critical issues, and across a wide range of sectors.

The École des Mines de Nantes belongs to the most important network of engineering and management schools in France : Institut Mines-Télécom which groups together 13 establishments and over 13,000 students. On January 1st 2017, a merger with Télécom Bretagne will create a much greater establishment postitioned on key issues for the future, namely digital technology, energy, the environment : a new school firmly rooted in its ecosystem and poised to play an even greater role in France and on the international scene.

Emmanuel Macron en visite à l'École

International masters programmes, a showcase for the school

École des Mines de Nantes - 10 November 2015

In the training portfolio at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes, running alongside the 'engineering' courses, the international masters programme - not to be confused with the 'MSc and masters' of the Conférence des grandes écoles – plays a prominent role. These two-year programmes which are Bologna-compliant degrees and assessed regularly by the French ministry of Education, are taught in English and destined essentially for foreign students.


International Day

École des Mines de Nantes - 15 October 2015

International Day in Ecole des Mines de Nantes Home foreign delegations participating
in the International Forum at the School : Georgia Institute of Technology , Atlanta-USA and National Universities Commission Nigeria

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International Masters MOST, PM3E and SNEAM : Back to School !

École des Mines de Nantes - 22 September 2015

French Summer School Closing Ceremony

École des Mines de Nantes - 08 September 2015

International Masters: defense thesis

École des Mines de Nantes - June 2015

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