SNEAM / ANWM - Advanced Nuclear Waste Management

The EDF/FEED : European Foundation for the Energies of Tomorrow, offers scholarships to students of Master of Science SNEAM (ex SNEWM) for the academic year 2012-2013. Those scholarships will be awarded on an excellence criterion by the committee of attribution which will take place at the end of May.

L'EDF/FEED : Fondation Européenne pour les Energies de Demain - Institut de France, offre des bourses à des étudiants du Master of Science SNEAM (ex SNEWM) au titre de l'année universitaire 2012-2013. Ces bourses seront attribuées sur un critère d'excellence par une commission d'attribution qui se déroulera à la fin du mois de Mai

SNEAM / ANWM - Advanced Nuclear Waste Managementspecializes in nuclear waste management. It develops fundamental scientific, technical and industrial knowledge, has a particular focus on the backend of the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear waste management, long-term safety and environmental impact assessment and provides strong insights on dismantlement and decommissioning of nuclear installations.

ANWM Objectives:

The master forms engineers exposed to a highly complex scientific environment where technical expertise is omnipresent in the field of nuclear waste management. The program provides:

  • The scientific knowledge necessary for nuclear waste management and the capability to understand how to assess long-term safety and environment impacts.
  • The competencies to master the operational techniques and strategies for the management of nuclear waste.
  • The appropriate solutions according to the type of waste through project work in industry.
  • The possibility to build contacts with a large number of international key players in the field.
  • The competencies to master dismantlement and decommissioning of nuclear installations.
  • Societal considerations in the management of nuclear waste with regard to the public acceptance.

Course structure

The Master of Science ANWM starts in September and is divided into 4 semesters:

  • MSc year 1 : 1 academic semester in ENSICAEN + 1 academic semester in Nantes
  • MSc year 2 : 1 academic semester for specialization + 6 months Master Thesis in industry or research laboratory.

Program Structure

The program of the first year for the SNEAM/ANWM program is the same as the first year for the SNEAM/NEPIA program. and SNEAM/NUTMA

Program syllabus

Please consult our detailed syllabus